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WHY is it important to have service stations at your school, institution, sports complex or train station?

  • cycling is statistically the most popular sport in the Czech Republic and its popularity is growing steeply

  • the bicycle is transformed into a means of transport, and with the development of electromobility, this trend is getting a major boost

  • promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for all generations

  • promoting sustainable mobility in times of climate change and congested transport networks

  • service stand serves all citizens, not just cyclists

  • the ability to service your bicycle, stroller, scooter, wheelchair, handbike or skateboard effectively, simply, free of charge and where I need it is an essential part of the infrastructure

  • small investment with great practical effect for both the citizen and the visitor





WHO do the service stations serve?

WHERE can the service stations be installed?

  • in kindergartens and nurseries

  • at sports facilities

  • at pools and aquaparks

  • at skate parks                                                         and many other places ...

  • primary, secondary and high schools

  • for all public institutions

  • in hospitals and health centers

  • at Czech Post branches

  • government buildings

  • cyclists of all ages

  • families with baby strollers

  • disabled people in wheelchairs and handbikes

  • citizens and visitors to your campus or institution

  • employees commuting to work by bike

  • robust and durable construction for heavy loads

  • variable offer of models for all exteriors and interiors

  • quality tools from reputable manufacturers

  • pump for all types of valves

  • smart solutions for easy operation

  • protection of all mechanical parts with highly resistant rubber

  • European patented design and construction

  • wide range of colors - powder and thermoplastic paints

  • stations will be provided with your graphics and logo or emblem

  • stations can be used as an advertising medium and also as a notice board

  • QR codes with information and video guides for proper bike maintenance

  • wide range of optional equipment

  • affordability and great quality / price ratio

Benefits of service stations from CykloHub

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