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Support the great Cycling Employer project with us and get certified in accordance with European standards for companies and institutions that actively improve workplace conditions and help their employees to cycle more easily.

Nadace partnerství

Why certify?

You will support your employees in a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity before work increases productivity, stress resistance, reduces sickness rate and strengthens physical and mental health.

You will support the environment. Lead by example and promote sustainable mobility in times of climate change. In addition, cycling saves transport costs for both employers and employees, and commuters are always on time.

You will support yourself. You will increase your attractiveness in the labor market, especially for the coming generation. Cyclo-employer certification will become an integral part of your CSR strategy in the environmental and social segment, strengthening the image of your company or institution.


Michal Šindelář 

project manager

+ 420 515 903 128


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